Samsung will soon be selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 phones (in emerging markets)

Samsung purportedly plans to sell refurbished Note 7 in emerging markets

Emerging market:-

As per The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung needs to offer repaired Note 7 handsets beginning June. Be that as it may, it might do it just in developing markets like India and Vietnam.


Supposedly, the restored Galaxy Note 7 will highlight 3000 mAh or 3200 mAh batteries - littler than the 3500 mAh batteries of the first Note 7. The telephone will likewise have a recently put forth defense, however whatever is left of its internals ought to stay unaltered. 


Quite recently, both Samsung and free sources presumed that batteries alone were the explanation for the Note 7's disappointments, whatever remains of the gadget being consummately OK. Consequently, new and littler batteries ought to make the revamped Note 7 safe. 

Offering repaired Galaxy Note 7 telephones would surely permit Samsung to limit misfortunes taking after the gadget's review. This would likewise help the organization in part comprehend an ecological issue, as it can test to dispose of a huge number of telephones in a safe and savvy way.


A large portion of the first ~3 million Galaxy Note 7s sold (or just dispatched) far and wide have been reviewed. It stays to be perceived what number of units will be renovated and prepared to hit the market once more.

WhatsApp status allows users to share pictures and videos

Redesign to WhatsApp status permits clients to share pictures and videos

Beginning today, WhatsApp clients are accepting a redesign 

The first WhatsApp from February 2009

New media elements are going to WhatsApp's status

that permits them to utilize their camera to impart pictures and recordings to their companions and contacts. It is end-to-end encoded, which implies that video notices are secure. The photos and recordings will vanish after a specific time frame. 

Today, 50 billion messages are sent every day utilizing WhatsApp, which incorporates 3.3 billion photographs, 760 million recordings, and 80 million GIFs. In the course of the most recent year, the quantity of photographs sent day by day has multiplied while the quantity of recordings have tripled.

WhatsApp is checking Snapchat Stories-like features

WhatsApp is trying a Snapchat Stories-like element

Facebook copies Snapchat yet again:-

WhatsApp new feature is going to me more like Instagram Stories, which is similar to Snapchat Stories.


Facebook-claimed WhatsApp is trying another component named Status that will permit clients to share pictures and recordings, containing altered components, for example, emoji and doodles that vanish following 24 hours from being shared. 

On the off chance that the component sounds recognizable, it is on the grounds that it is fundamentally the same as Instagram Stories, which Facebook declared for the photo sharing administration in August. WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories, nonetheless, nearly take after Snapchat Stories — a component that assumed a huge part in the vaporous informing application's huge development rate. 


WhatsApp is currently trying Status, with Mashable detailing that the component is covered up in the application's freshest open beta form for iOS and Android. Beta analyzers with access to a jailbroken iPhone or an established Android-fueled cell phone can now experiment with the component. 

The New WhatsApp Status Feature:-

In the beta form, the Status include shows up as its own particular tab in the middle of the Chats and Calls symbol. There is additionally another catch close to the upper right corner of the application that looks like three-fourths of a circle and an or more sign. Tapping this catch will permit the client to include another Status post. 


At the point when Snapchat Stories was propelled three years back, it prompted to huge development for the application as every day video sees on the stage took off. This is the sort of development the Facebook is hoping to duplicate, as it moves to react to Snapchat. 

It appears that Facebook is presently hoping to incorporate a Snapchat Stories clone over the social applications that it claims. With Instagram Stories seeing huge achievement, Facebook is likewise trying Messenger Day, another element that adds comparable capacities to the Messenger interchanges application of the informal organization. 

There is no unequivocal dispatch date yet for Messenger Day, moreover for WhatsApp Status. There is likewise no affirmation.

Skype to provide new video call and IM features

Skype beta on iOS and Android includes call and message responses, new discover board and more 

To stay aware of whatever is left of the huge players, Microsoft has likewise been taking off upgrades to Skype all the time. The most recent elements are right now in beta, and are meaning to put more emoji flair into your visits and video calls.

For one thing, there's another incorporated camera liven, which implies you can swipe to rapidly catch a picture on your screen. From that point forward, you can include emojis, explanations and stickers, and after that impart your minute straightforwardly to whatever remains of the talk.

Discover board:-

Effortlessly find and share joins, news, sports comes about, eateries, the climate, recordings and more without leaving the application. No all the more exchanging forward and backward between applications; we're making it simple to convey the substance you think about to the discussions that matter.

In-call responses:-

You can now include live emotions, live content and even constant photographs to your video calls. We as a whole know a photo talks a thousand words, and now you can amp up those video calls, particularly when you're keeping pace with a bustling gathering. 


These new components are at present being tried, yet clients on iOS and Android can look at them through Skype Preview before they are acquainted with the fundamental application. Android clients can download Skype Preview through Google Play, while iOS clients can apply for Skype Insider.

Bykea Bike Cab

Will Bykea help you beat Karachi's surge hour movement

In the event that you don't possess an auto or a bike in a city as large as Karachi, driving costs may gobble up a noteworthy segment of your month to month spending plan. 

The port city's first mass travel framework, Greenline BRT, will take no less than a year prior to it is completely operational and when that happens it will move along a solitary course. 

So what options would we say we are left with? 


As the name suggests, Bykea is a ride hailing administration that solely concentrates on bikes. The startup as of now offers clients in Karachi a helpful pick and drop benefit like on request ride hailing administrations like Uber and Careem. 

How it functions 

The Bykea application is quite direct and has an uncanny likeness to the well known Careem application. Once propelled, you are given two choices: regardless of whether to utilize Bykea for package conveyance or for a ride. 

Bykea application interface:-

Choosing both of the choices and tapping the "Chalo" (Let's go) catch interfaces you to a close-by rider, who lifts you up from your fancied area.

The central issue: is it safe? 

In each of the four rides, the cruisers had no back view mirrors. That implies the rider would turn back his head each time he needed to change a path or surpass different vehicles. 

Obviously, this is an unsafe practice.

Application glitches:-

While utilizing the application, I now and then confronted sporadic glitches. One morning when I opened the application to get myself another ride, it indicated four riders around the Malir Cantonment zone with their markers not moving by any stretch of the imagination. The riders didn't get back to affirm the get ask. 

On the fifth attempt, the rider's marker was flying from Gulshan-e-Iqbal to Malir Cantonment and back constantly, as though the application was not able decide the rider's correct area. 

There are no holding up charges or cancelation charges, so abuse of the administration by non-genuine clients is regular which brings about an exercise in futility and assets for the rider. 

The organization ought to chip away at amending this issue. 

In the event of a mishap:-

Amid easygoing discussions with the riders, I was informed that the organization has guaranteed them up to Rs 25,000 in restorative help with instance of a mishap. 

I was additionally informed that the organization gives 'cell phone grabbing scope' of up to Rs8,000 and demoralizes riders from keeping exceptionally costly cell phones.

The decision?

One thing is sure, Bykea is incredible incentive for cash. 

On the off chance that you are searching for a shabby and quick ride to your goal, Bykea is justified regardless of an attempt. Weaknesses are an integral part of any startup, yet what makes a difference is their assurance and will to determine issues in an opportune manner.

LG G6 new UI

Here's a snappy take a gander at LG G6's new UI


On the off chance that one organization can never appear to keep its fervor contained, it would be LG.Whenever there's an a major declaration coming up, they generally need to discuss parts of the up and coming thing, for example, the show it will highlight or camera. Point being, LG can't sit tight for MWC ( Mobile World Congress ) to touch base, with what seems, by all accounts, to be an official picture of the gadget now making the rounds.


LG officially affirmed different insights about its up and coming G6 leader cell phone. We know, for instance, that the handset wears an unordinary 5.7-inch show with 1440 x 2880 pixels, has another Quad DAC (computerized to simple converter) for excellent sound. 

New UI:-

In a crisp video mystery, LG today uncovered something else about the G6: the telephone will accompany another UI (clearly in light of Android 7 Nougat). While the video - installed above - is short, we can see that the new interface keeps on advancing in the bearing set by LG G5's UX 5.0 and LG V20's UX 5.0+. Curiously, the video uncovers that the screen of the G6 has bended corners and the interface fits consummately to them. We don't know whether the interface will be named LG UX 6.0, yet will discover in the not so distant future.



The new cell phone ought to offer a water-safe metal body.


Snapdragon 821 processor


enhanced back and front cameras, and a 


3200 mAh battery.